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    color correction not working properly with Vista?



      I am developing an AIR application for our camera club. It’s important that it will display corrected colors – consistent with colors displayed by Adobe Photoshop.

      The ActionScript code includes call to:

      stage.colorCorrection = ColorCorrection.ON;

      I have PC Vista. The main panel of the application displays thumbnails and can be scrolled down. When displayed first, the colors are not corrected. However while scrolling down the thumbnails, the colors are correct and identical to the ones displayed by Photoshop. These revert back to the uncorrected colors when stopping the scrolling.

      When double clicking on the thumbnail the full size image is displayed by PopUpManager. Its colors are correct – consistent with the Photoshop.

      Any idea what’s happening? Why are the colors flickering?

      I am using Flex 3 SDK, Flex 4 has the same issue.

      I have Flash Player 10. I color calibrated my monitor and have a valid ICC profile.


      Thanks for any help.