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    Webservice security page


      I created a webservice (by .Net) and it worked fine before.  When it starts, it pops out a login page (e.g. http://localhost/security/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fWebApplication1%2fWebService1.asmx%3fWSD L&WSDL).  After I enter the user ID and password, it then opens the page I want (e.g. http://localhost/WebApplication1/WebService1.asmx?).  It works fine.

      Then, in Flex, I created a WebService in Flex (see below).  It worked find before if there was no login page.  After having the login page, I don't know how to direct to the login page before open the page I want.

      Anyone knows how to do it?  Thanks for help.




      <mx:WebService id="ws1" wsdl="http://localhost/WebApplication1/WebService1.asmx?WSDL"



      <mx:operation name="Search" resultFormat="object" result="Search(event)" />