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    Premiere Pro CS4: Exporting to High Quality SWF with Low File Size


      Adobe Program: Premeire Pro CS4 (to build slide show video)

      Adobe Program: Adobe Media Encoder (to export project into flash file)


      Project Details: A 20 minute slide show with still images and audio.

      Project Source: HDV 720p, 29.97 fps


      Objective: Export slide show into a flash file so it can be watched online. The file must be small enough for most people to be able to stream the video but good quality (like videos found at Hulu.com).


      Problem: I'm struggling to find an export setting that will let me maintain both good quality and a small file size.

      The export setting that allows the best quality is:

      Format: FLV / F4V

      Preset: F4V - HD 720p

      File Size: 800MB


      Troubleshooting History: I have tried the following Presets:

      F4V - Same as Source

      F4V - 1080p Source, Half Size

      F4V - 720p Source, Half Size

      F4V - 720p Source, Half Size, VBR 2pass

      F4V - Web Large, Widescreen Source

      While the file size is much reduced with these Presets, I lose too much video quality.


      Inquiry: Does anyone have advice for meeting my listed objective?