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    File/Directory NOT Exists Test Fails


      I am migrating clients to a new server and Cont 3 is throwing this(See below) up during the connection and so the connection is failing. Does anyone know what should happen here. Seems like it is doing an MDTM command and getting a response. Should it be getting an error?

      This is a real headache as I need to turn our old server off and seems like Cont 3 won't work with this server but I can't see why, unless of course it should be getting an error. The FTP test app gives the same output.

      # File/Directory NOT Exists Test: -------------------------------- FTP log from the last operation -------------------------------
      # > CWD /www.example.com/web/content/mm_diagnose
      # < 250 Directory successfully changed.
      # > MDTM no_exist_file_.mm
      # < 213 20070828100750
      # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------