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    LiveCyle Designer objects specific to author only?


      I am a true newbie and seem to be grasping most of the form design concepts fine.  What I am having trouble with is the following.  I need to create a form using the available objects, pull downs, check boxes etc. which can first be selected by a co worker, then sent to the client.  Basically have some fields which can be filled in by author only, and some which would be client filled.  The goal is to have a form populated in office by author selected data, the sent to a client to be completed without editing the author chosen fields. Hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance.

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          As the form designer you woudl design the form to hold all data (regardless of who enters it). Then you can write logic into the form that woudl lock the fields out that you do not want the other users to touch. You will need a mechanism to know who is opening the form so that you know whether to lock the fields or not.


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