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    Unable to import any Illustrator CS4 files

    Janne Salo

      I'm completely unable to import any Illustrator CS4 files into Flash Catalyst Beta 2.


      Upon a start up choosing "Create New Project... From Adobe Illustrator AI Files" and selecting any (even blank) Illustrator file, import does always fail. After a short moment looking at loading bar Flash Catalyst pops up a message: "Unable to Import File". I've tried to reinstall Flash Catalyst without any success. However, importing a random Photoshop CS4 file does work.


      Not sure does this have anything to do with the issue, but most of the times (approx. 60%) when I quit Flash Catalyst it also crashes. I'm running Flash Catalyst on Mac OS X 10.6.3.


      Hopefully this issue is fixed atleast for the release version as I'm impressed about the idea of Flash Catalyst.