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    fl.removeEventListener broke in CS4?


      I'm having issues removing event listeners once they're added in cs4 jsfl. I tested the same code on cs3 and it removes the listener just fine without errors.


      In CS4 if I try:
      fl.removeEventListener("mouseMove", movieclipListener);
      I get the error:
      removeEventListener: Argument number 2 is invalid.


      If I try:
      I get the error:
      Wrong number of arguments passed to function "removeEventListener".


      So I'm summarizing that:


      - the removeEventListener has changed between versions cs3 and cs4
      - Neither method works in removing my event listener


      Tried running this in the same script that added the event listener (same script that contains the function called), tried running in a separate script. Same errors. Not sure what's going on here?!?