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    A minor grumble

    steve_London Level 1

      Hi all,

      A minor grumble. I love Flash Catalyst [beta 2 on a Mac Pro] but there's always a but!

      In my case it's editing a Flash Catalyst file to make a few minor amends to some text elements in various states and 'panels' in a scrollable box.

      Before I continue, you can see the original version here:


      Anyway, I open the Flash Catalyst file and select Edit with Illustrator CS4 to edit various text elements. Save the Illustrator file, etc, and when I preview the SWF, the things I've edited no longer work as expected.

      For example, I wanted to change the 2010 panel on the left - the text at the bottom 'some tunes from 2010'. When I did this and previewed the SWF, the panel would vanish when clicked and not reappear though the area it once occupied is still clickable.

      I don't [yet] have the expertise to build this in Flash so, apart from starting over, maybe Ajax is the solution - it'll certainly be easier to edit, but I'll have to settle for a default browser scroller.

      Maybe CS5 will solve the problem?

      All the best.


      [missing Sparklehorse]