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    How to Publish to the web using Dreamweaver




      I'm a graphic designer with little code knowledge.


      I keep uploading my "deploy to web" folder using dreamweaver to my web host but I keep getting and error message, I know somethings up when even dreamweaver can't preview the "main.html" file, I don't know what to do, any ideas?


      (dreamweaver can only preview the "main.html" from the "run-local" folder probably because it's local).


      thanks for the help

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee



          Your suspicion is correct. Catalyst needs to load some resources in order to run your project. For security reasons, these resources can be loaded from your computer, or from the internet, but not both.


          When running on your computer, the run-local .swf loads these resources, as well as any external resources in your project (videos, swfs, etc) from your local hard drive. So it will preview correctly in Dreamweaver.


          However, when you publish your website to the internet, your Catalyst .swf needs to load resources from the internet, and therefore you need to use the deploy-to-web version.


          Let me know if you have any more problems.