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    creating slide shows in flash


      I am trying to teach myself to create slide shows in Flash.  I have Flash CS4 Professional.  I found a tutorial to do this for CS3, Action Script 2.0, here:




      It seems like a great tutorial.  However, as I am following it, I can't make my slide show work as the tutorial demonstrates.  Specificall, after creating the buttons as shown, my slide show will not stop at the next frame, but rapidly runs through all the slides.


      I have worked with the tutorial for several days and can not get it to work for me. I get the below error messages when I follow the turorial.



      This is what the tutorial says to do, and as best as I can tell, I am doing just that:




      This is what part of my screen looks like:



      I would greatly appreciate any pointers, perhaps to a more current tutorial.


      Many thanks!