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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Help is live


      When you take Premiere Pro CS5 for a test drive, you'll notice that it sports a whole new Help system. The Help content for Premiere Pro CS5 that you can now view in your browser will come couched in an environment that includes a custom search engine and links to related instructional materials created by the Premiere Pro community of users. In the meantime, however, while using only your browser to read Help, you might miss the hyperlinked table of contents that appeared in Help for C4. As a stopgap, and to help Google searches more easily find what they seek, here is a table of contents for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Help:

      What's new
      User interface
      Workflows and system setup
      Project setup
      Capturing, digitizing, transferring, and importing
      Managing assets
      Monitoring assets
      Editing sequences and clips
      Editing audio
      Effects and transitions
      Keyboard shortcuts
      Legal notices