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    Data Services Error(s)




      Using the trial of Flash builder 4 on Windows 7 Pro x64. Have CF Builder installed as well as Coldfusion 9 Developer edition (standalone dev server). All 3 installed today.MySQL (wamp) is also running locally. The workstation is a work horse with ample resources.


      I have some exiting CFCs from a previous project, nothing crazy, that i'd like to use in a sample flex project. There are only 3 functions in the cfc. I have connected the flash builder to the local coldfusion installation and it is verifying correctly.


      The issues i'm running into:


      1. When createing a flash builder project, you have the option to select the default location OR another. i have tried the default and a folder in C:\coldfusion9\wwwroot\project_name\. When attempting to open a cfc (even just as a text editor) i get the "workspace is in use, try another" error....a lot.


      2. This one is killing me. When connecting to a Data/Service using the wizard i browse to C:\Coldfusion9\wwwroot\project_name\component.cfc OR C:\coldfusion9\wwwroot\copy_of_cfc.cfc and regardless i receive "The selected service should be under tthe web root of the current project's server". Is C:\coldfusion9\wwwroot not the project server? The root of my CF server in flex builder is C:\coldfusion9\



      Server Config:




      Thank you in advance for your consideration