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    Customize the Contribute UI/Workspace


      I'm preparing to deploy Contribute to a team of users. I would like to be able to customize the interface that they see. For instance, they won't need any blogging or PayPal features. I would also like to include a few scripts which will ease some of the routine maintenance they will be doing.


      I know that I can cut down the menu and toolbar choices by editing their xml files, but is there any documentation or reference about these? Or, am I going to be doing it by trial and error (with emphasis on the error)?


      To restate: Where can I find detailed documentation or other resources on customizing and extending the Contribute user interface / workspace?


      Thanks for any assistance,


      — Dan.

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          dmkerr Level 1

          I'm bumping this query as I still am searching for this information. Frankly, I find it suprising that there are these powerful features of Contribute which allow it to be extended and customized -- tightly integrating it into a corporate workflow and yet there is seemlingly a complete lack of documentation or other resources!


          If I were writing scripts for — dare I say it — a Microsoft product, there would be libraries piled on forums stacked on knowledge bases of information on the smallest object, the most insignificant method, the most-neglected property. Where is this kind of information for Adobe's corporate-focused web-editing suite?


          Is there anything out there?


          — Dan.

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            Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



                 I found this link http://www.adobe.com/devnet/contribute/extensions.html, which speaks about extending Contribute. This may help you in customizing the workspace, I have not tried them myself though.

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              dmkerr Level 1



              I've also found this information about the Cross DOM which allows you to control Contribute from other CS applications:


              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/contribute/cs/using/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d1180fba1a16-7ff8. html


              We're getting there step-by-step.


              — Dan.

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                dmkerr Level 1

                Thanks for the tip Krishna!


                The information at that link is very tantalizing but it just describes that it is possible, not how you would go about doing it.




                — Dan.

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                  Krishna Prasad B V Level 3

                  Yes, Dan there is no step-by-step instructions in that web page, on how to do the customization. I wanted to create a customized menu for inserting a piece of code in all my web pages. If I am successful, I will give steps on how to do it here.



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                    dmkerr Level 1



                    That sounds a lot like what I am trying to do as well. If I find anything either through my web searching or through experimentation, I'll post the details here.


                    — Dan.

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                      dmkerr Level 1



                      Contribute's menus and toolbars are controlled by XML files stored, in Windows:


                      • C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Contribute CS5\App\Configuration\Menus\ccmenus.xml
                      • C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Contribute CS5\App\Configuration\Toolbars\cctoolbars.xml


                      From these files, it seems that we can comment-out various commands and, surely, insert our own. The MM subfolders include the javascript commands that are triggered by each menu item/toolbar button.


                      Onward and upward!


                      — Dan.

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                        Hi You all!


                        I have been desperately trying to study toolbars and menus and buttons in Contribute CS5.


                        I want to add 15 small buttons on the toolbar that appears when editing. Those buttons would position a predefined layout units (html-tables) on the template generated page - on the page thats been edited.


                        I currently have those 15 layout units (tables) on a separate page and user can copy/paste those on to his own page -  complicated. I also have those same 15 layout units as shared assets, but it is also a bit awkward for a novice user to click  insert and then shared assets and then choose from a written list instead of just clicking visual buttons on a toolbar allways there when editing. 


                        I can create extra toolbar and I can copy existing buttons to it but I cant create a new button that would submit a piece of html-code to the current page.

                        I cant contol the visibility of my toolbar, so I have been studying the existing toolbar that appears when in edit mode, there is room for my buttons.


                        Basically a button image and a htm-page containing the javascript to deploy the layout table is needed.


                        Question 1:

                        Does any of you on this thread have any advice for me how this javascipt should be written? Or an example file that is doing somethin similar? And of cource the lines that go to the xml -file - namely cctoolbars.xml.


                        Question 2:

                        Does any of you know how to turn the the menu command "Insert / Shared assets"  to a clickable toolbar menubutton?


                        Eagerly waiting you comments.