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    CMKY values for a red and light blue color

    coldmail590 Level 1

      Hello, I am trying to find out which red cmyk values would be best for printing.  I am trying to print out a red that is simliar to the TARGET logo


      Which of the following would be the closest?




      Also I am looking for a light blue cmyk value similar to the BIG in Kmart



      Thank you for your help.

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          p taz Level 3

          There is really no good way of knowing from a photo... This is not the correct way to find this information, the best method would be to check with the organisation, they usually have a public information officer or website where they publish the correct colour information.  It is in their own interest to do so and most big companies have done this.


          You should find a listing of spot colours, process recommendations etc usually in the media or general info section, if you call them, ask for a style guide.


          We can't tell from your photo's any better than you can.

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            yunie_ Level 1

            if you are looking for similar or 'closest' color, you should just trust your eyes on choosing the colors. unless of course you want the same color..

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              talaya white Level 1

              CMYK Best Red = 0 100 100 0. Remember, Red doesn't actually exist in CMYK. It gets better in the newer 6-color presses (not the dinky 6-color things you'd buy for your house, I'm talking about a printing press), and in SPOT color. I'd guess that Target uses a SPOT color.


              Kmart Blue in CMYK I'd guess to be 100 0 0 0. Maybe 100 0 0 5.


              And I think I'm just going to keep saying this if I stay in the color management forum:

              Get a Swatchbook if you're working for print!

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                JolleyMan Level 1

                Talaya, I don't know where you're getting your information from, but many different reds are represented in the CMYK spectrum. Not all reds, and not spot color reds such as the Target or Coca-Cola logos, but many reds are reproducable. Six unit presses for spot inks have been around for decades, as has hexachrome printing, which contains a greater gamut than traditional CMYK.


                There is no "Best Red." There is only a red that is closest to the intended red. If someone is desiring to get the closest to Target Red or KMart Blue, it is critical to access the style guide from the company. The first response correctly states that this information is likely to be found on the corporate website. A simple Google search stating "What is the PMS number for Target Red?" or "What is the CMYK color for KMart Blue" will also often produce accurate results, but it is always best to go to the source directly.


                Any serious professional needs to invest in a set of Pantone color guides, such as the Essentials Advance package. This set includes the current set of Pantone colors, the Goe color books and the CMYK match books all on coated and uncoated stock. There is no substitute.


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