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    New Problem with Premiere Elements 8-Blue overlay over video

    JoA41 Level 1

      I'm still trying to begin using the trial version of Premiere Elements and have a new problem.  When I add video files to the project, they are displayed with a blue coating over the whole video when it is played, or in many cases it is just black with no video.  If I click in the screen, I see

      the stopped video as it shoiuld be (clear), but as soon as I start playing the video, then nothing works. I hear the audio but the video is either black or has a blue overlay making it difficult  to even see what is on the screen.  I've tried changing to software rendering during playback with no help.  The program is unusable as it is.  I also have problems adding files to the project when I try to add from files and folders.  I can't select multiple files and when I try to add one at a time, the 2nd file replaces the first instead of being added.  I installed using the compatibility options in Win 7 because the application is listed as being incomaptible (even though Adobe claims it is Win 7 compatible.)  I would really love to have this program work.  Any suggestions.  I  have a fairly powerful computer except for the graphics being Intel integrated rather than a separate card.