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    Premiere treats identical video clips differently...Why?


      I recently started a project in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 (which I guess is aslo confusingly referred to as Premiere Pro 1.0).  The project settings used were a preset using:


      Video Frame Size:   720 x 480  16:9

      PAR:   D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2)

      Fields:  Lower Field First

      Display Format:  29.97 fps Drop-frame timecode


      The only exception to the preset was that I changed the Audio Sample Rate to 44100 instead of the default to match what Gspot showed for the clips I am using.


      I have a few questions about how Premiere imports my clips.  Every one is a Type 2 DV AVI with the properties the same as my project setting. Here is one of the files as shown by Gspot:




      When all my clips are imported into my project, most of them are shown as 720 x 480 (.9)  in the "Video Info Column" while a few show as 720 x 480 (1.2) - which is what I want.  So I take the clips that are listed as (.9) and go to Interpret footage and change them by selecting Conform to: D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2) as shown:




      Even after I Interpret the footage and it shows it to be 720 x 480 (1.2) in the Video Info column, some clips still show as (.9) in the preview window. Some clips even show to be (.9) for part of the clip and (1.2) for the rest when scrubbing through (whithin the same clip).  I was wondering if anyone might know the source of this problem or an appropriate fix.  Why doesn't Premeire import them with their original properties?


      I have found that by right clicking a clip and going to "Field Options" and selecting any of the options, it seems to fix the clip and fill the preview window.  But I hesitate to just click an option and go with it because I don't fully understand what each option does. Furthermore, I'm afraid it will come back and haunt me at some point, perhaps at the time of export.  The Field Options selections include a box for Reverse Field Dominance, then some buttons for Interlace Consecutive Frames, Always Deinterlace, and Flicker Removal. The Field Options box below is how it appears before any changes are made.


      field options.gif


      I was thinking of just selecting "Always Deinterlace" for all my clips and going with that but wanted to check with some Adobe PROs first.

      According to Gspot, all of my clips are interlaced, assuming that is what the highlighted "I/L" represents.  Thanks in advance.