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    Adobe AIR support Java Applet?


      Hi all, currently I have a HTML page but inside is a  <applet...></applet> tag where user will see and interact  with the Java applet. I tried out the Adobe AIR SDK and load the HTML into the AIR application but somehow it is  ignoring the applet tag and the Java applet cannot load. It can only  show HTML tags and execute Javascript.


      My question is does Adobe  AIR support Java applet like most web browser does nowadays? If it does not, how do I integrate the Java code into AIR application? When I say integrate I am talking about AIR being able to involve Java classes methods directly.


      Second question is where can I find the Adobbe AIR and Adobe Flex classes and methods? The API reference akin to Javadoc for Java SDK.


      Third question is since AIR and Flex SDK is free, are there news of letting Flash SDK free also? It can follow the same way where Flex SDK is free while the Flex IDE is pay monies. It seems odd AIR and Flex SDK is free but where is Flash SDK standing?