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    Internal Error on Generating PDF

      I'm using a fresh install of Robohelp 6, upgraded from 7 on a winXP machine in a windows Domain. Been on call with support for an hour an got it to 'work'.
      The issue appears to now be that when logged on to the domain the user cannot generate a PDF from within RoboHelp. Can generate output to word and can convert doc and xls files to pdf using Elements. The only error the user gets is that there is an "internal error." If I log on locally as local Admin on the Machine the PDF file generates just fine.
      Finally the user is an Admin on the machine, and the only applicable group policy is that all the local My Docs, Music, Pics and Videos are redirected.
      Please, dying here if someone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

      As a note, I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted registry entries etc...

      Any help would be appreciated