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    Newbie Flash integration question, for video gallery

    Mitchell Remes Level 1

      Well I'm a video editor not a web designer, but I get the basic concepts.  Am using Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash CS3 and I have my head around CSS based design and have also managed to get my head around designing an interactive video gallery in Flash.


      I want a HTML based site for web search indexing reasons but I need a video gallery that is broken up into sections, (eg. corporate, public sector, Arts... you get the idea).  If I design a standard web site with navigation bars, do I include three or more categories (e.g., corporate etc) on the main site navigation bar and incorporate separate flash files on each page to show the relevant content for that category or do I include just a general video button on the web site's navigation bar and then navigate to the individual categories within the Flash movie file itself.  The later seems the most logical, but do you experienced web designers find that adding another layer of navigation confuses the end user?  Is there a way maybe of addressing individual sections of the Flash movie from HTML buttons?  What is the best logic to solve this problem and then I can work on a solution?


      Lastly, and I'm sorry for the long post, my site will be very basic so do I really need to incorporate Flash at all; can I address multiple external .flv movies with various buttons within Dreamweaver.