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    Can't edit .mov files in Premiere!


      Ok I am running adobe premiere pro cs4 version 4.2.1.


      The media files were originally filmed via a canon legria fs2000 which used the .MOD file format. These don't play on adobe premiere and I had issues using them on final cut. I used imovie pro to export the media which saved the files as .mov quicktime files which SHOULD be readable on my pc with adobe premiere... yet they are not.


      Quicktime won't play the .mov files, nor will sony vegas on pc.


      Here is the g-spot info:


      g-spot info.png



      So help would be much appreciated... I also went System > List codecs and other filters > and in the list many adobe codecs were highlighted red, I right clicked for information and they said the file was missing, although i went to the file location and they were there.


      Do I need to download codecs... Where? How? Please help this is urgent for uni projects