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    Datagrid, Horizontal Scroll

    djh88ukwb Level 1

      Hello all.


      Im sure this is a simple fix, but after searching google for a fair amount of time, thought i would post up here.


      I have a simple datagrid using the following code -




                               <mx:DataGrid id="chatDG" width="100%" height="143" x="0" y="0" fontSize="10" horizontalScrollPolicy="on">
                                        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Question" dataField="message"/>


      This is displaying strings of text taken from a mysql database using a php script.  It works fine, each message is on a new line, everything is perfect.  Apart from if a message is too long it runs off the right side of the datagrid.


      There is a horizontal scroll bar displayed but it is disabled / greyed out.  THe datagrid only has one column, i need to be able to scroll ffrom right to left in order to read the full string of text, any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance