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    Audio stops after approximately 30 seconds after importing a .mov file.


      Hi guys,


      I'm a fairly new user to Premiere Pro CS4 on Mac. I've started making my first movie and have hit a wall so to speak.


      Basically I've shot some footage with a V.I.O pov 1.5 helmet camera which saves in the form of an .AVI. I first tried importing the .AVI file directly into Premiere but that didn't work as it came up with an error saying there was an unsupported compression in the file. It's weird because i can play the file directly in quicktime, MPEG streamclip, and even on windows media player. Anyway I saved the file as a .MOV. This works and I can import into Premiere.


      My problem is this: The footage runs all the way through, so no problems there however the audio will play for the first approximately 30 seconds and then just cut off while the movie is still playing. The movie just so you know goes for approximately 4 minutes and I only have the first 30 seconds of audio. Can anyone help?


      Just so you know, the audio works fine in Quicktime, MPEG streamclip, windows media player etc etc...


      Any help for this premiere newbie would be appreciated.