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    Controlling swf in MC

      I'd like to dynamically load multiple swf files into my movie to speed things along because the total file is 37 MB when not broken into scenes.
      I put a white box in frame one and made it a movie clip with the name Blank_mc. I then load in the swf using:
      loadMovie("First.swf", Blank_mc);
      At the same time I'd like to start loading the next swf file (into BlankTwo_mc with .visible=false) so it can be loading while the first clip is playing and be ready to start when the first clip is finished.
      I've tried
      loadMovie("Second.swf", BlankTwo_mc);

      or level0.BlankTwo_mc.stop();

      I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. How do I control the timeline of an embedded swf file that I load into a movie clip file.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you must wait until loading is complete to stop() a timeline. that's not a big issue unless there's sound in the loaded swf because you can assign the _alpha of BlankTwo_mc to be zero and then execute a BlankTwo_mc.gotoAndPlay(1) when loading is complete and you're ready to display your loaded swf.

          p.s. don't forget to reassign the _alpha to 100.