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    What's with new Fireworks CS4 update?


      After years of neglect finally CS4 gets a 100MB update, but what exactly are the updates? What has changed? I went to adobe.com and nothing did I see; how is that even possible?! Can someone give us a rundown of the update?


      Does it address any of these issues?:

      - Crashes 'randomly' every so often.

      - Poor handling of large files, frequent crashes, say 10MB plus.

      - Sometimes crashes on Quit.

      - Pixel control bad, lines disappearing.

      - Deleting unused Symbols deletes symbols embedded within other symbols


      That's just off the top of my head. Generally Fireworks is a Save-often application, has this now changed? I am an old PhotoShop guy but for web I love Fireworks. How PhotoShop people handle not having pages I can't imagine, Layer Comps ain't gonna do it. Slices are brilliant.

      What I really want is pdf Notes integration. I like InDesign too for Print, not for UI design.


      Thanks in advance.