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    How to communicate between Flex and JSP and show the result in an Iframe

    Raju Penumatsa

      Hi all


      I am trying to send some data from flex to one HTTPService and trying to show the same response jsp in an Iframe. But unfortunately i am unable to get the responce Jsp's url to set as a source for iframe.

      let me explain you clearly...I have a mxml where i am having a text box and a button in the left panel and in the right panel i am having an Iframe to display jsp. So once user enters some value in the text box and clicks button then HTTPservice's send method will be called with text box's content as an arguement. So i can fetch that value from request object in jsp and display the value in jsp. So the problem here is i want display that result jsp in my Iframe. I know that , we need that result jsp URL to display in Iframe . But as i am sending POST request to HTTPservice, i am not able to get the result jsp's URL in flex side.


      So i need help desperately from great minds.So anyone of you can give me some suggestions!!!!