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    seekbar bug with firefox browser on Mac



      i found a bug in seekbar using Mac with mozilla firefox (but not with safari who works fine and also windows pc with IE and mozilla work fine).

      i tried to visit www.opensourcemediaframework.com and to drag the seekbar and with the mouse clicked i exit from the flash stage where the video is playing.

      i release the mouse but the seekbar dont't receive the mouse released event (and the stop drag) and if i try to move the mouse (not clicked) into the video area the seekbar continue to follow the mouse.

      thanks a lot.

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          bringrags Level 4

          We've been unable to reproduce this one on our end.  Do you get a call stack associated with the error?

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            screenFlavio Level 1


            only with mozilla on Mac, i have this:


            page: http://www.opensourcemediaframework.com/


            1. click whith button left of the mouse the thumb (the arrow) of the seekbar (button left clicked)

            2. the player go to pause and i start to drag (button left clicked)

            3. i move right the mouse (the thumb follow the mouse and video is paused - correct) (button left clicked)

            4. i move down the mouse outside the stage of the video (button left clicked)

            5. i release the mouse (unclick the button left): the video don't start because dont't receive the stop drag event

            6. i move the mouse on the stage area of the video and the thumb of seekbar follow the mouse (continue the drag but the button left is not clicked)


            7. so, i have to click on the thumb to stop the drag and the video go to play.


            i don't receive any error message, it's only a not so correct behavior of seekbar drag.


            With Windows IE and mozilla works fine, also with Mac Safari.

            The problem is only (i think) for Mac platform with mozilla.