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    Trying to convert as3 to as2 Mouse event


      Here is my code that i have in as3 im trying to convert it to as2 and i am having difficulty getting past the error that occurs.Which is


      The class or interface 'MouseEvent' could not be loaded.




      //hide the password

      //pass_txt.displayAsPassword = true;


      //adding event listener to the login button

      login_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loginUser);


      function loginUser(e:MouseEvent):void{

      //if both username and password are correct let the user logged in

      if(name_txt.text == "Woody0869" && pass_txt.text == "Wolverine1"){

      navigateToURL( new URLRequest( "http://www.licd.com"), "_blank" );

      display_txt.text = "Welcome\nBryce Woodward";




      //if both username and password are not correct display an error message

      else if(name_txt.text != "graphic" && pass_txt.text != "graphic"){

      display_txt.text = "login failed!";