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    Replace original audio track

    Betama Level 1

      I have imported a movie as asset to Premiere Pro and created some clips in a sequence from it. Many parts of the original movie are in various places on the timeline, they are trimmed etc..


      When the video is almost finished, I realized that the original audio contained in the original movie is incorrect and I have to replace it with another audio file, which is of identical length and already imported to the project. But I don't see an option to replace audio source from an audio track.


      I know it's possible to unlink video and audio, but it doesn't solve the problem. When right-click on a single clip (after unlinking, it is only audio track of a clip) in the timeline and choosing Properties, there is File Path which points to the original movie file. I'd like to change the file path so that it points to my new audio asset file.


      Is there any way to do it other than delete all existing audio tracks from the timeline and create them from the beginning, using the new audio asset as source and manually doing all edits which were done to the original video?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Is the original audio part of the video clip, or is it a separate element, like an imported WAV or MP3? How about the new replacement audio?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Just mute the original audio track and import the replacement audio to a new track.

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              Betama Level 1

              The original audio is in the original movie, which is an m4u file. The new audio is a simple wav file (it's actually extracted audio from the original movie and partially replaced outside Premiere).

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                Betama Level 1

                Muting the original audio track and adding a new track is not the solution, because the original movie (video together with audio) has been edited on the timeline. For example, the whole video on the timeline starts from minute 28:08. If I wanted to mute the original audio and drag the new audio to the timeline, I'd first have to trim this new audio to minute 28:08 for a start. And so on, with all 30+ edits done to the movie. I know I can do this, but maybe there is another way, maybe not.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Alright, you'll have to do it the hard way


                  After you've imported your replacement audio track, load it up in the Source Monitor. Then, while holding down Alt+Shift, drag the audio on to one of your clip instances with the "bad" audio. The clip instance's audio will be replaced (that's what Alt does) and it will maintain the same in point (that's what Shift does). You'll have to do this for each clip instance in the timeline; unfortunately, you can't select them all and do it in one pass--the in points are not respected then.


                  The easy way would be to have a new copy of your original movie muxed together with the replacement audio. Then, all you'd have to do is right-click the clip in the Project Panel, select Replace Footage, and navigate to the new replacement clip. The original master clip will be replaced, and this will ripple down to all clip instances in your project's sequences. If you can mux the original video with the new audio, this is the way to go (especially for a complicated edit); however, you said you're using "m4u" video (which I assume you meant "m4v") so this creates a bit more of a challenge.

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                    Betama Level 1

                    With the Shift-Alt trick it is not so bad


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                      justinw97398159 Level 1

                      Another way to work with this issue if you know you will have to replace the audio eventually would be to nest the original video clip before you start cutting, that way you would be able to swap out audio easily on the nested timeline, which would atomatically update your edited clips. This way you would only have to render out your polished audio and not a long video file when you wanted to swap out your audio.

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                        asProfile Restore 2010072 Level 1

                        What saved me was going to my project folder and find the Adobe Auto save. One of my file clips included the original audio I accidentally replaced over the audio one clip. RELIEF.


                        To make it beter go to edit/ preferences and set the auto save t save every 5 minutes or so and the maximum number of saves, say 10.

                        It will take up a lot of space so you have to remember to go back every time and delete the ones you dont want any longer.

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                          ismaelg41412964 Level 1

                          that shift alt is not working for me. for some reason my camera audio disappeared now im going to replace with my external audio but i already have a complete edit of my video.