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    about loadingMovie in a third level MC

      Hi guys, I need an hint if you please...

      I'm making a Flash website, the main swf has got an animation in the timeline, pressing the bottons in the pubblished file you activate this animation that leads to single frames where I've dragged a MC instance called Loading, witch I've used to load at a precise position of the stage an external swf. At the same point in the timeline but another layer I've assigned the AS

      loadMovie(" http://www.baitdesigns.com/lorenza2/giovane.swf", _root.loading);

      as I want the external swf to load inside the MC "loading".
      So far so good, works fine, it keeps the previous swf undernith the new as I want.

      In the timeline of this new swf I want to do the same thing, I need to load another swf on top of the other two, keeping then open, so I write

      loadMovie(" http://www.baitdesigns.com/lorenza2/giovane.swf", _root.loading.loadingGiovane);

      where "loadingGiovane" is the instance name of the third MC that has to contain the third swf

      That doesn't work, the third swf seem to load in the "loading" MC instead of "loadingGiovane", plus it replaces the second swf instead on loading upon. You can find the messed up files at

      I've tried to attach the MC instances to the stage, also giving them a level number

      So in the first frame of the second swf I wrote:

      this.attachMovie("loaderGiovane", "loadingGiovane", 2);

      "loaderGiovane" is the linkage ID
      "loadingGiovane" is the instance name

      tried using _root and switching level numbers but no way...

      Donno if I made myself clear, any clue?

      Thanks a lot in advance