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    Hyperlinks not working in all browsers


      I have recently revised our Agency's website and have discovered that the hyperlinks are not working in all browsers.  What happens is the hyperlink appears as underlined, which is correct, but when you move the cursor over the hyperlink, the hand cursor does not show and you can not click on the hyperlink.


      The links work fine for me in IE7 and IE8 from both inside and outside our firewall, from my home PC and I have also tested successfully from our city's local library.  A user in another state reports the links not working for her in IE8 and FireFox.  I have found in FireFox that some of the hyperlinks will work on a page, but on the same page other hyperlinks will not work. 


      For example, on this page, in Firefox, the first hyperlink does not work, but the rest of the hyperlinks do:



      None of the hyperlinks are enabled on this page in FireFox:



      Has anyone seen this before?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you, Laurie