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    Debugging flash apps wrapped in exe


      I'm using zinc to wrap a flex compiled swc in an exe.  I the past, when I was using Flash instead of Flex, I've been able to debug by starting a debug session in Flash and connecting to that debug session using the flash player built in to the zinc wrapper.  Now, that I'm using Flex, is there any way I can debug?  I can't connect to the Flash debug session with the FlashBuilder apps.  I've also tried launching the exe from the FlashBuilder debug menu by selecting run>debug>other and choosing the exe.  When I do this, FlashBuilder gives me an error saying I don't have the correct flash player installed.  When I click launch any way, all I get is a command prompt.  Anyone out there familiar with zinc and FlashBuilder?  Have you been able to connect to a debug session?




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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          You can do it with FDB.  Also hunt down Mike Morearty's blog and see if he

          posted how.  If not, ask on his blog.

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            mike_morearty Level 1

            Go to run>debug>other, create a launch configuration (or edit an existing launch configuration), and set the launch URL to "about:blank".  Then, when you click Debug, Flash Builder won't actually open a browser, but it will begin listening on a socket, and it will continue listening for two minutes.  At that point, manually launch your Zinc app.


            I haven't tried Zinc, but based on what you say, it sounds like this should work -- the about:blank trick certainly works as a way to tell Flash Builder to begin listening for a debugger connection even though FB doesn't know how to launch your app.

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              blazejewicz Level 4

              Hello Mike,


              should be current behavior of Flash Builder (public, non-beta release) considered a bug or regression in features?

              I've been using Flex Builder/Flash Builder and using custom build configuration with unchecked "URL or path to launch" was a way to instruct FB what to launch during debugging session. Executable hosting debugger version of Flash runtime should be launched and one should be able to enter debugger perspective.


              (I think that using "about:blank" is kind of bug of itself as being non-documented way to force debugger to behave in some desired fashion),




              Peter Blazejewicz

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                danwize Level 1

                Thanks for all your help!  I was out of town last week and it was a nice surprise to go back to work and see my question answered!  Thanks again!



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                  Peter, which aspect of the current behavior do you think might be a bug or regression?  Maybe if you tell me exactly what path or URL used to work for you that no longer works, that would help me understand what you're getting at.


                  Thanks  - Mike