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    Need help installing Contribute CS3

    10mark100 Level 1

      I'm stuck on reinstalling my Contribute CS3. I've clicked on Local/Network on the question " How do you connect to your web server?" in the connection wizard part of the installation process and have no idea how to answer the next question they ask which is "What is the network path to your web site?" Can anyone help me on this

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          Do you really operate your own webserver - instead of renting it from an Internet provider?  If you do, and choose to access it via LAN, you need to know its name on the network and the path to the so called web root folder.. like \\myserver\public_html. Only somebody who knows your local network can answer that for you..


          Most people, however, connect to their webserver via FTP..  and use the FTP login information provided by their provider to do so.

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            10mark100 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, I"m very limited with my knowledge with this type of stuff so you will need to walk me thru this with baby steps if you don't mind. I do not operate my web server I have the site hosted with a hosting company. When I set Contribute up the first time I don't remember doing all this the software did it for me automatically if I remember correctly. My computer crash so that is why I'm doing this again but having troubles.

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              CVK-USA Level 1

              I unfortunately can't talk you through the process step by step.. I don't have the same version you're using and cannot reinstall english CS3, nor do I know where exactly in the whole process you're at now. I suppose the install of Contribute CS3 finished and you're now faced with having to create a new connection.


              In order to do so, you prolly have to chose Edit > My Connections (exact names might be a bit off, I am using a German version) from Contributes main menu, then click "New.."


              Where you went the wrong way the last time was by selecting "I am connecting to my website via... Local/Network". Choose "FTP" instead.


              You'll need your FTP login data, if you didn't write that down, you need to ask your hosting company to send it to you.


              You're looking for the following pieces of information:


              FTP host name - usually looks kinda like this: ftp.mysite.com

              FTP user name

              FTP password


              perhaps ftp folder - thats the folder where your "start page" is located, most times this can be left blank however.


              If your site was protected with an Administrator password, you'll need that as well. Chances are your hosting company doesn't know it - it was set by whomever created the homepage and first enabled it for use with Contribute.


              Adobe Support might be able to talk you through the setup process on the phone, but in order for them to do so, you'll need to have the above info at hand before you call them.


              Is it possible that somebody setup your homepage for you and was sending you a Contribute connection keyfile? That would explain why you never had to go through these steps before. If that's the case, it might be easier to ask that person for another copy of the connection key file..