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    HD Video Playback for Stagings

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      We are about to provide some HD video for an upcoming meeting we are producing and it will be fed into a Spyder X20 1608.  I was wondering if anyone has had experience using any type of hard-drive based playback equipment other than Grass Valley? We know the Spyder can take a computer as the direct source but even with all the recent improvements in stability we are not comfortable with using one as playback source for files this large. If not already on the market surely a dedicated playback system has to be coming soon. Any feedback appreciated... thanks.

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          We have used Doremi's, turbo 2's and playback Pro, which is a computer based playback device.


          the Doremi's up until recently could only ingest from a tape system, or a computer system with a kona card or the black magic card as it needs an HDSDI signal, there is now some free software available from Doremi Labs.


          the Turbo is fantastic, we have been using them since they came out - in fact we got the beta versions of the units back in november. they have been very stable - but I think you know that.


          the Playback Pro system is a mac with a dongle and it plays back through the graphics card.


          those are the main systems we use.


          hope this helps.