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    Can introspection work with frameworks like ModelGlue and ColdSpring?

    Ryan Stille Level 1

      I work on a large application that uses ModelGlue and ColdSpring.  So far I really haven't seem much of the introspection working for me.  I think this is because instead of creating an object with createObject and then referencing it, my objects get injected into my cfcs using getters and setters.  So when I write my code I end up using objects in this way:


      userService = getUserService();



      Instead of:


      userService = createObject("component","userService");



      Is there a way to tell CFBuilder where that userService.cfc file really is, so introspection would work?


      Also all my controller methods get passed an "event" cfc from ModelGlue. I'd like to have introspection work on that event object, too.