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    Javascript writing document.info erasing all IPTC XMP metadata

    Tom H2

      I have a Photoshop javascript that processes a folder of tiffs and creates jpegs in a new folder.  During the process, the script creates a new file name and writes this new name to the document.info.title field.  On some, but not all, users of Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 using PS CS4, writing to this title field is erasing all the IPTC XMP fields that do not have a counterpart in the older, non-xmp, metadata fields.  (ie, all the data on the Contact Panel except for the Creator and Creator's Job Title goes missing).


      I am not seeing this problem on any Windows machines, nor Mac users with CS3.


      Any and all help overcoming this will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.


      Tom H.