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    IE 6 and 7 issues.  Stumped.


      Hi There,

      On this page, there is a large space between the menu and text for some  reason. -  only in IE 7.  I think it has something to do with the menu  class, as when I remove the div the space is fine, but I've tried  several things to modify it and it doesn't seem to work.


      Also, if you look int he page in IE 6, the sidebar on the page drops  down for some reason.

      Can some kind soul here help me out??

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      You may also email me at malbert619@gmail.com.




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          martcol Level 4

          In your css you have a </style> tag which is the result I suspect of a little hasty cut n' pasting.


          You have some colors specified without the "#" before the number.


          In your HTML you have declared the <head> element twice.  That's not a good idea.


          I would fix those and check your codea bit more using the validator and see what happens.







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            mixmastermichael Level 1

            Thanks for that,  I think I had been looking at that thing too long to notice that <style> attribute.  Oy, what a mess that header section was... don't know how that happened.



            Still stumped for the weird space in IE7 and layout of IE 6 though...

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              martcol Level 4



              One suggestion, althought this is a hunch, might be to enclose the text in the content of that element in its own <p> elements.  You can probably, get shot of the <br> element, or at least one of them or posbily even use CSS on the "download the whole story" to add some top-margin or padding.