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    Importing existing projects

      I am trying to import some projects that I have on my work machine in to my home machine. I am just getting started with Flex builder but am having a bit of trouble understanding how it handles projects...there is no apparent way to *completely* close one project and open another one, so you are working on only one at a time. Rather, it appears that you import all projects into the same workspace, and switch between them in the Navigator (whether these projects are related to one another or not). Is this correct?

      One problem I had though, is that I cannot seem to import all my projects. I created a directory on my work machine called FlexProjects, and inside are two project directories, say Test and Keyboard. I took this entire directory home with me and saved to a local drive. Then, I used the Switch Workspace command to switch to FlexProjects. Then, I said Import ->existing projects and navigated to the FlexProjects folder. From here, it listed both Test and Keyboard. It will then import Test, but when importing Keyboard I get this message:

      Invalid project description:
      Invalid project description
      and the details say:
      E:\projects\FlexProjects\Keyboard overlaps the workspace location E:\projects\FlexProjects

      I don't understand this - I did a compare of the Test and Keyboard project paths and there was no obvious difference (like an incorrect path) that would explain why Test will import but Keyboard won't.

      It is critical that I be able to port Flex projects between home and work .. can someone help me fix this?