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    Need CS4 script -  relinking illustrator files


      I have a pagemaker 7 document that has 100 pages that contain the same layout of tables, with each table linked to a different illustrator file.  I used to run a simple script that ran through all pages and relinked each file.  How do I do this in InDesign CS4?


      Old script looked like this... (I use a loop in VB to print the text for this script)


      page 1


      relink C:\\filename\Alabama\graphic1


      relink C:\\filename\Alabama\graphic2

      page 2


      relink C:\\filename\Alaska\graphic1


      relink C:\\filename\Alaska\graphic2



      States don't mean anything here I just used that as an example to illustrate what I'm doing.



      I need to know how to do this exactly the same way in CS4.  I've been searching everywhere and can't find what I'm looking for.  Javascript would be preferred.


      Thanks for any help!