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      Does any Dreamweaver user out there have a few moments to get me up to  speed on it.  I am considering purchasing the software, but would like  to know a  few things before I shell out $400. The last time I built a  website it was a struggle using GoLive 4.  I'm thinking that the  current version of Dreamweaver might make it a tad easier this time  around... (?)  I'm also considering just taking the easy way out and buying SiteGrinder.... but I'm suspecting it  has limitations and developing my site in Dreamweaver would offer  me more control and flexibility.  I want my site to show a slideshow  of images under various categories... typical stuff for a photographers  website.  Here's the catch.... I'd also like to have a very high  quality full screen slideshow with music linked to the website. (Flash, Qtime  or whatever works best)  "Realistically" ... is it worth the time & effort to learn Dreamweaver?
      If anyone out there wants to give me a price  on doing the site for me I'll consider an offer. (but just remember that I live in Michigan)

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          You don't need to worry about learning Dreamweaver. Instead focus on learning HTML, CSS, javascript, and possibly a server side language. Once you've done that learning Dreamweaver is easy!

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            zraa555 Level 1

            Thanks for the responce iPHP, but OMG.... now I've got to learn three other things before

            I can even begin to learn Dreamweaver.    (HTML, CSS, javascript)

            So something tells me my website won't be up & running in

            three weeks unless I buy SiteGrinder.

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              Hey there fellow Michigander! I'm in Roseville, about 20 minutes outside of Detroit.


              If you're last web design experience was with GoLive you'll probably find Dreamweaver even more difficult, as it's positioning itself as more of a professional development tool as opposed to a "WYSIWYG" editor like GoLive.


              If you're looking to hire the process out I just finished a site like what you're talking about for under $1k, check it out:



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                Yes JoeyD, that's pretty much along the line of what I have in mind. But I'd also like to be able to have a slide show with editable pictues and music

                something like this::: dandavisstudios.com  Maybe even password protected proofs online.  Your price is a obstical for me, but I'm not complaining... it's probably a bargain... just a matter of affordability at this point in time. (would you believe that I was a millionair a few years ago?)   I guess my main stumbling block is that I'd have to rely on you to make changes at any given point... tiz all about "control' ya know   So are there any programs out there that would utilize WYSIWYG these days?  Why would Adobe completely abandon a methodology that is so basic in comparison?  I'm in downtown Plymouth.

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                  What have you found on Google in regard to searching for a WYSIWYG?


                  $1K is too much for you?!? If you're expecting someone to use their knowledge and tools to develop something for you because you don't want to learn it yourself then you should expect to pay a premium for it.


                  Do you get clients that say your photo packages are too expensive?... not that they're complaining; it's probably a bargain, just a matter of affordability. Yawn, tell them to get a couple of disposable cameras and put them on the tables of the reception.


                  Bottom line you get what you pay for and you get what you put into it. If you want WYSIWYG then use iWeb. If you don't want to pay much and you don't want to spend much time learning anything then you won't get much.

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                    JoeDaSilva Level 4

                    HTML/CSS and web development are complicated, and making it simple to manipulate on the front side typically makes it fragile, poorly constructed or just plain broken on the backend. Simple WYSIWYG applications like iWeb for the Mac allow you to do things easily sure, but they construct a horrible mess of code that can lead to big problems in the future! Dreamweaver didn't take a step back by adhearing to standards and best practices, it actually moved forward - unfortunetly at the same time though it demanded more from the end user.


                    The site I showed you above uses two types of content management. WordPress powers the page structure and text elements, which lets the user change the copy, add "news" posts etc. The slideshow you see on each page is run off of SlideShow Pro (which does allow for music, and can be configured a million ways including full-screen). The images are organized with a pretty powerful database application called SlideShowPro Director. Those applications together allow my client to control every aspect of their site without ever having to contact me, they're loving it.

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                      zraa555 Level 1

                      Yes, Golive was right up my ally since I am fluent in Photoshop and aesthetic imaging.... I could slice & dice and then link it all up the way I wanted. I recall reading 5-6 years ago when Macromedia produced Dreamweaver that it was the real deal.... the easy solution to building a website.  I've always assumed that technology only improved as time went on.  Now y'all are telling me that things have only gotten worse for a website building wannabee...?


                      Hey JoeyD  There's a service called "Webquick" that has a pretty descent template for professional photographers. Take a look at webquick.com if you have a moment.   If I signed up there, could you build me the slide show with soundtrack and link it up?  But then I'd really lose control, wouldn't I?  The SiteGrinder program looks good right now, but I don't think I can add music to the slideshoes.  I'm open to your expertice. (or anyone elses)

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                        Hey iPiP.... maybe you should get off your high horse and re-read my post.  I did not complain at all about JoeyD's price. Thanks for the iWeb tip... I'll chec it out.

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                          zraa555 Level 1

                          Thanks JoeyD           All and all it sounds like too much for me to learn in the  amount of time I have available. One can only do so much in life. (and my specialty is in disposable cameras)  I may be interested in contracting you for the site... any idea on what the time frame might be?

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                            JoeDaSilva Level 4

                            Hey Zraa,


                            I can put together a proper write-up for your project and layout some dates for you once we nail down all of the functionality. Shoot me an email and we can continue this conversation off of the board. joseph.dasilva(at)gmail.com