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    How to best define app dimensions?


      Hey everyone,


      I'm a UI/UX designer that up until now has focused on web apps, and now I'm working on a project that requires a desktop widget that will be built using AIR.


      My question is, knowing that my users will have a very wide variety of screen resolutions, how can I best define the width and height of my widget such that it will look good on all (or most) monitors? Do I just have to pick a static height x width in pixels that works "best" given the range of resolutions? Is there a way to define the size in inches and then detect the PPI of the monitor to convert inches to pixels when rendering? Is there another way to scale the size up or down depending on the screen resolution?


      If I sound completely lost, it's because I am - so thanks in advance for the help!


      Take care!

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          The Capabilities.screenDPI and .screenResolutionX,Y will give you the DPI of the main screen. There doesn't appear to be a way to get the DPI of other screens. (You can get the resolution of other screens, though).


          So, you could convert pixels to inches for the main screen, but not any other desktop screens. Other options would be to define small, medium, and large layouts as a user preference. Or to let the widget be resizable and scale the contents based on the size.

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            mitch.wave Level 1

            Thanks a lot for the response Joe, I certainly appreciate it.


            So now that a few of my options have been outlined in terms of what I *can* do, I'd be curious to hear from some of you guys about how you typically handle this situation. For those of you who make desktop-widget-type AIR apps (as opposed to full-screen or close to full-screen apps), how do you define a baseline height and width for your app?


            Thanks again!