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    Where are the project location paths stores?


      When I created my project, there was a spelling error its name (good job me!).  I can right-click on the project within FlashBuilder and rename it correctly, but the actual folder that the project is stored in is still named incorrectly and I can't find the file that keeps track of the projects actual location.  I figured it would have been in the .actionScriptProperties, .flexProperties, or .project files, but it isn't in any of them.


      Is there a FlashBuilder file that I can update so I can correctly name my system file folder?



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          Kurrykid Level 3

          What about in the .xml file that is created with the project's main page.  I am not sure but maybe change it there:


          <!-- Used as the filename for the application. Required. -->



          <!-- The name that is displayed in the AIR application installer.

          May have multiple values for each language. See samples or xsd schema file. Optional. -->