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    ProCoder 3 Plug-in for Premiere

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      Any of you using the ProCoder 3 plug-in for Premiere?  Wondering if it works with CS4 or possibly CS5.


      A little background;

      the grass valley T2 iDDR accepts video files via flash drive/USB.  Anything but a Canopus HQ *.avi gets transcoded by the grass valley unit.  Even though I have the Canopus HQ codec installed, Premiere CS4 by itself will not export a file with a video track.  After Effects will encode in the Canopus HQ format but takes an hour to do a 3 minute video.  The trial copy of Edius I installed does the same encoding in 10 minutes, but I certainly don't want to be messing with that program on a regular basis.  I'm trying to save the extra step of first exporting an uncompressed 1920x1080 file from Premiere, importing it into Edius, then exporting it again in the HQ format.  The Premiere plug-in should do the trick if it's compatible.  I just can't find any reliable compatibility information.  I do have an email in to a grass valley/Canopus sales tech guy and wanted to check here in the forum as well.