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    PDFs wont open on Firefox/Mac





      I'm have an issue when trying to open PDF files from the Firefox browser on a Macintosh machine. Let me explain in more detail.


      We post PDF files on our Sharepoint server for our external clients to view. Before uploading these PDF files, they are broken out into separate bookmark files for easier searching which includes an index and title page. The separated files are uploaded into a directory titled "PDF". Outside of this directory, another single PDF file named "Start Here" is uploaded which the client clicks on to begin viewing the entire file in a bookmarked view.


      Now comes the issue. This works fine in all browsers on windows-based machines including Firefox. It also work fine in Safari on Macs but does not play well in Firefox. After launching, ti displays "cannot find Title page" and after you click ok, it displays a blank white screen.


      I've tried installing the latest software updates for java and changing the Internet preferences in Adobe Reader to launch in a seperate window. Still no go.


      Can anyone, offer any other suggestions?


      Thanks very much in advance

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          mrsnak Level 1

          See you have as many looky-loos for your question as I have for mine.


          Have you tried setting your Firefox prefs for applications - PDF to specifically Acrobat Pro (or whatever you have)?


          Oops, just reread - looks like you done this. At the risk of repeating what I said to another question, you may have one of those machine specific problems that no one else who comes here has ever had experience with.

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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            PDF support from Acrobat in Firefox/Mac is not possible. If you search the Mozilla website, there are plug-ins that are available that will work.

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              mrsnak Level 1

              I looked at my FF prefs and I was able to specify the program to open PDFs. Am I understanding you correctly?

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                Phillip M Jones Level 4

                In more of Adobe's infinite wisedom, they refuse to support any Browser other than Safari. I say refuse because its can be done, because, in fact there is a PDF Browser from Schubert of Germany That works in Safari, FireFox,SeaMonkey, Camino, iCab, Opera, and OminiWeb. In other words its supports both webkit, and Gecko Based Browsers. I can't say whether it works with Chrome asYou need at least OSX.5 in order for Chrome to Work.  The Author flatly comes out they don't support IE.


                This is a notch in adobe's belt cripling the ability for the Apple Platform to view PDF's in any browser availble. Back when Apple use system based of the 680xx chips and OS9 the plugin did work with any browser avaible. No wonder Apple and Adobe are at odds with each other.


                It is obviously easy to fix. as Schubert was able to do it. He came out with the plugin within weeks after it was discovered, that Adobe's wouldn't.  Adobe Constantly shoot's itself in the foot all the time and seems to be proud about it.

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                  joe_schmoe2007 Level 1

                  I was able to select which application in Firefox - Adobe Reader or Acrobat to open the files with. Both apps behaved the same - it displays the message "cannot find title page" and when I click ok, Adobe opens fine but it displays a blank white screen.


                  I checked Mozillas website for a possible plug-in but there are soo many. Can anyone narrow down the possibilities?


                  Thanks everyone for the quick replies.

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                    Phillip M Jones Level 4

                    As far as extensions go. Foxit reader is most popular


                    if you wan to go plugin Route  google for PDF Browser Plug in by Schubert.


                    The advantages?


                    It not only allow s for viewing of PDF in FireFox it also  works in






                    and Safari


                    Not you have to remove the Pdf viewer Plugin for Safari. They don't coexist together very well.


                    the only thing it doesn't allow is filling out forms but does allow you to switch to acrobat or Reader for that as well as Saving the PDF for later use.

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                      joe_schmoe2007 Level 1

                      Thanks Phillip,


                      We want to keep the Adobe Acrobat\Reader app in the equation so removing it is not an option.


                      Any other suggestions as far as settings configuration in Adobe or Firefox that might solve this? I feel like this should be an easy fix.


                      Thanks again

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                        Phillip M Jones Level 4

                        If you use the Schubert Plugin it allows you to save or switch to Acrobat or Reader.