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    PDF File created in CF MX prints SLOW


      After A LOT of playing around, I finally figured out how to create a PDF file, add watermarks, images on certain pages, footers and security.  PHEW!


      But now, when the user downloads the PDF file, it is pretty big and when you print it, a progress bar that reads "flattening:xx%" comes up for every page and takes a long time to print.


      The PDF I created is not a PDFForm, so I am not sure why "flattening" is coming up.  In any case, I need the file to print faster.


      So here is the main question, once I have created a PDF file and it is on my server, is there a way to flatten (I know flatten is not the correct word, since flattening is for forms - but I hope you understand what I mean) the file so that it can no longer be stripped of watermarks, footers, etc?  I imagine doing so, will also make the file print more quickly.


      For example, if I take my PDF file and print it to a 3rd party distiller program as a new PDF file and I open the new file, it prints almost instantly.


      I can't attach the file, so here it is on my server: