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    How do I synchronize two files?


      I have a little experience editing video files, but this is the first time I am editing two files into one video. They are files of an interview. Each of the two participants had one camera and one mic. I can get the two files to almost sync up, but one is just a tad behind the other and I would like to get them exactly in sync. I try to remove tiny chunks of one to get them to line up, but I can['t get the chunks tiny enough.  I would pot down one or the other's audio, to get rid of the echo, but if they were in perfect sync, that would not be so much of a concern. Will someone help me here? Do they need to be perfectly aligned?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Unfortunately, you have posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum, which is a repository for how to do things in PrE, and does not see much traffic. Maybe our MOD, Steve Grisetti, will move this out to the main forum, so that more will see it, and can comment.


          PrE does not directly support Multi-cam editing, like its big-brother, PrPro, does. With PrPro, you can lock the sync and have dual Program Monitors to facilitate the Multi-cam editing.


          For Audio OOS (Out Of Sync), this ARTICLE will give you tips. For syncing both the Audio & Video from two sources, things get more complicated. However, by turning Snap OFF, you might be able to nudge your Multi-cam footage just enough to work. Be sure to turn it back ON, when done, or surprises will occur.


          Steve Grisetti has Multi-cam editing covered in his PrE book, and might also have an article on how best to do it in PrE on the Muvipix site, in his Learning Series.


          Good luck,



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            Thanks. What I have done so far is to mute the audio of the quiet segments, and that takes care of most of the echo problems. It's not perfect but if Elements does not support multi cam editing, that may be all I can do with it... Thanks.

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              I looked for Steve's article on Multi-cam in PrE, but had no luck. Maybe he can drop by with a pointer, as that covers a good, albeit limited, workflow. I know that it's around here, or on Muvipix. My boolean just did not locate it - maybe too much travel on my part, or just not selecting the correct Search criteria.


              Good luck,