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    Multiple Skins in 1 library


      Hello all! I have a skinning question.


      Lets say that I have 4 Applications and a library, 1 Master app, and 3 subsidary apps.  2 of the subsidary apps require the use of that library.  Inside of my library, lets say there are 100 custom components that i need (exagerating for point of emphasis).  Is there any way to pass in a pacakge or bundle of Skins to my library so that each app can have a totally different look and feel?


      I would best relate this to a Mall.  My Mall (master app) has X number of stores (apps) that all require use of various hangers / cash registers / price tags. However when you go in to stores at the mall, all the hangers / cash registers/ price tags don't look identical.  I would like to know if there is a way to set a package or bundle of Skins to a library (with out copy pasting and compiling the libraries individually) at compile time so as I can skin a large amount of components in the app at once.


      Any help is appreciated.