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    Cloak files/folders on remote server


      Hi there - I did a search and didn't find anything specifically answering this question, so if it has been answered, I apologize.


      We have a draft web page posting server, then a public web server.  Dreamweaver has the local site configuration so that it points to the draft web page share (on the local LAN) and the "remote server" is pointed to the public web server.


      Cloaking is turned on in the site configuration.


      There are a few directories on the remote server that I would like Dreamweaver CS4 to ignore when I tell it to 'check links sitewide'.  I tried creating dummy folders on the draft web page (local site) and cloaking those, but the check links sitewide option still indicates broken links - which they are not really.


      Thanks for any help/feedback possible.