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    description in [Test] ?


      So... am I just missing something, or is the description="adf" in Test used anywhere? I don't see it in any of the output generated.

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          mlabriola Level 4

          It is preserved in the metadata description for each test. So, for instance, someone could choose to output it when a test fails. We actually use some of this for linking with our issue tracking system. You can also use it for filtering or sorting should you choose.


          However, the JUnit XML output doesn't have this feature, nor does flash builder support it, so there really isn't anywhere anyone would see it today unless they were creating a custom listener. We are hoping future versions of the flash builder plugin will choose to display this data to the user.



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            sanggpark Level 1

            That's unfortunate. Especially since the "feature" is advertised in the official doc. So unless I write my own custom listener, this information is pretty much useless.. might as well put it in the comment section .. at least that way, they will show up in ASDoc

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              mlabriola Level 4

              Sorry that you see it that way.


              We don't control what Adobe chooses to display in their plugin. You can't filter or sort by a comment in code but you can by metadata. Ultimately, if you want to see it you need somewhere to display it or some way to use it. We use it quite successfully but no one has chosen to use this in their display as of yet.

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                sanggpark Level 1

                Yeah I hope it's used in Flash Builder too. I guess I should add "create a custom listener" into my possibly todo list.