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    Create PAL format DVD


      I have some friends in the UK that would like a copy of a project that I put together in Adobe Premiere Elements 7. I know we use NTSC format and they use PAL. I opened my project, went to Share, Personal Computer, MPEG and in the Presets dropdown menu, I used PAL DVD Standard. I saved the project to folder. I then opened Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5, opened that project as a new project, and using the Project Video Format dropdown menu, chose PAL (720, 576) to create my theme and DVD menu. I then burned my DVD.


      I assumed that this DVD will not play in my DVD, but it does. I can watch it on both my computer and my DVD player. Does this mean that I in fact, have not created a PAL format DVD? How would I know? Is it safe to assume that this DVD will be able to be viewed on UK machines/TV??


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Quite a bit goes into a PAL Project, from an NTSC Project, Frame Size, Frame Rate, etc. Converting your NTSC source footage to PAL and doing the edit in a PAL Project is the best way, but that is a lot of work.


          One good thing is that most newer PAL players can handle the conversion from an NTSC DVD-Video just fine. The reverse is NOT the case. If your UK friends have fairly recent equipment, then the NTSC disc should play just fine for them.


          Now, if they send you a PAL disc, then you are not likely to have such luck.


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            BruceWerto Level 1

            Thanks for your help. Sooo, would you say that I did not actually create a PAL format then?


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              nealeh Level 5

              Most likely yes. You can check it by running the MPEG you created through GSpot - if PAL then it will be 720 x 576 @ 25 frames per second. If NTSC 720 * 480 @ 30 fps.




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                BruceWerto Level 1

                Excellent. I checked it that way and indeed it is PAL. Odd that I would be able to watch it on my old DVD player here in the States, no?