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    Locking layers - usability


      With Auto-select (layer/group) locking is unusable. (I use it to speed up my work)


      Why default lock from keyboard is "lock pixels transparency" instead of "lock all"?

      Why I can't assign my own shortcut for Lock all?


      Let's try something...


      I have two layers, one is background, second is thin red line.

      So, I "locked all" background layer, and I'll try to copy my thin line with alt-key...

      Gosh, i mismatch line, but look! I duplicate backgorund : /  So it's LOCKED or not?




      How to find in layers palette, locked layer that I see in main window? (i have a loooooooot of layers, 50/50 locked, without cool names)

      Photoshop should select locked layers when I click them. There is a trick with "lockedORnot feature" described above.

      When i try to select layer that I can't find in layers palette, I alt+click locked layer in main window, then delete(or undo) copy I made with alt-click, and voila!

      Photoshop select layer that i want it...



      I think that ps developers should re-think usability of locking...



      (sorry for my english but I'm from third-world)